Forensic examinations:  The interface of law and medicine

Clinicians Experienced in Forensic Examinations

Forensic examinations require expert training, clinical acumen, knowledge of the judicial system and attention to detail in anticipation of actual or potential litigation.  These types of medical cases require specialized techniques to withstand judicial scrutiny.  The staff of North Scottsdale Health, PLLC have several decades of individualized experiences in evidence collection, chain of custody concerns, medical documentation and advanced clinical training, including the development of forensic training modules.  Evidence collection for Adult and Pediatric Sexual Assaults, Sexual Homicides, Interpersonal Injury, Domestic Violence, Strangulation, Human abuse injuries, Injury documentation, and Firearms, Ballistic and Penetrating injuries  are all areas we can assist with.  We can thoroughly review forensic evidence in your medical and legal cases.  ** We do not work with pro se inmate cases. Case documents and formal declination letters will be returned directly to your prison warden**